Podcast informs parents on human trafficking, online safety

Laurie Pieters-James

Anti human trafficking organisation The Joseph Movement invites parents and other concerned people to listen to a Trafficking Table Talk Podcast with seasoned forensic criminologist and specialist offender profiler Laurie Pieters-James.

Laurie is also a best-selling author of the book Shattered Lives: The Story of Advocate Barbie (Dirk Prinsloo and Cezanne Visser).

With Tershia de Klerk and Philippa van Coller guiding the table talk discussion, the podcast also explores the possible effects the South African Covid measures had on gender-based violence, the changes in forms of abuse and exploitation, a complete shift in ways of committing crime, and a whole supply of new criminal recruits. (See info below on content and times as well as links to platforms where you can listen to the podcast)

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Laurie explains how they saw an increase in child exploitation, child marriage, and child labour. She also touches on a well-known human trafficking case in which she was a case witness, and which is the topic of her book.

This podcast is filled with predators’ tactics, advice for parents, and some statistics and facts such as 100% of photographs of children scantily clothed (posted on social media), hit the dark web in 15 – 20 seconds.

In the next Table Talk with Lawrie on April 27, which you can find on The Joseph Movement website, she will be discussing cyberbullying and stalking.

—– Content—–

00:00:00:00 Summary & Contact Info

00:03:34:07 Important Date

00:04:57:17 Trafficking Table Talk Introduction

00:05:49:24 Who is Laurie Peter James & what does Cyberati do

00:09:05:12 What type of victims do you focus on

00:10:41:14 What advice would you give to parents when it comes to online activity and being a responsible online user

00:15:01:01 Statistics of children’s photos on the dark web

00:16:48:02 Is there a way of drawing information from a photograph online

00:17:36:14 How Covid affected crime and criminal statistics

00:18:31:12 Lockdown had a possible 2-pronged effect with the Lockdown & Ban on coping mechanisms

00:2109:13 Intensifying drivers and root causes for Trafficking

00:22:30:24 Covid regulations had a multifaceted impact on children

00:22:57:19 Shift in the informal sector supply chains – less cross-border Trafficking

00:24:21:07 Covid Regulations had a direct effect in Human Trafficking & Rescue missions

00:25:54:00 Family involvement in selling their children or family members plus Stats

00:28:48:12 Current most fertile hunting grounds for predators

00:29:00:23 Is it still “stranger danger”

00:29:50:23 Why a child does not report being exploited

00:32:05:08 SA Counsel for Educators Vetting System

00:34:13:22 Monumental problem regarding the South African Police Services that affect Criminal Background Checks

00:35:00:11 Actual Human Trafficking Case in which Laurie Peter James testified – Dirk Prinsloo Advocate Barbie Case

00:43:32:24 You do not have to live in fear

00:49:06:17 Advice to parents for their online children

00:51:35:24 Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp

00:56:21:24 Online Child Bullying

00:59:20:16 The Dark Web

01:03:05:23 Closing & Final Thoughts

Website https://josephmovement.org.za/podcast-laurie-pieters-james/

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/joseph-movement/trafficking-table-talk-with-forensic-criminologist-specialist-offender-profiler-laurie-james?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Anchor  https://anchor.fm/thejosephmovement-lauriej

PodBean Trafficking Table Talk with Forensic Criminologist & Specialist Offender Profiler Laurie James | The thejosephmovement’s Podcast (podbean.com)

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/40WmTjKW9hM7DSqt8K0VBK

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