Police gather for National Prayer Day

National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega.
National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega.

South African Police Service employees gathered at multiple venues in all nine provinces yesterday (Wednesday, March 26) morning to participate in the third annual SAPS National Prayer Day.

The theme of this year’s event was Moving forward in 2014 as one by seeking God’s face through praise and worship. Attendance at the services was voluntary.

Addressing a Prayer Day gathering in Pretoria, National Police Commissioner, General Riah Phiyega, said the task facing SAPS is huge and requires them to “acknowledge our limitations before God and seek His intervention in our lives”.

She introduced the following topics for intercessory prayer at the event:

  • The SAPS management
  • Police members and their families
  • The reduction of crime
  • Crimes against women and children
  • The end to police killings
  • The SAPS’s priorities for the new financial year
  • Unity among SAPS members in marching towards the goal set for the SAPS
  • Government
  • Upcoming elections and the spirit of tolerance.

“To all the religious leaders across the country, continue to lead us with dignity. As we gather here let us spread the message of collaboration, democracy and peaceful coexistence in our organisation and country at large. Programme Director, let me also take this opportunity to thank all South Africans who are praying for us, praying for healing and harmony. It is my wish that we all remember the Marikana tragedy responsibly and sensitively and once again pray for total reconciliation. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing,” she concluded.