Prayer webinar on Thursday against CSE, for godly solutions

South African Christians are invited to join a strategic, live prayer webinar at 8.30pm tomorrow (Thursday November 28) to resist the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in schools and to release Heaven’s education system in SA.

Missed the webinar?
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The online prayer event, which will be joined by ACDP president Rev Kenneth Meshoe, will include prayer for all of the groups in SA who are mobilising people to oppose CSE legally, politically and socially, say Fathers Heart International, who initiated the webinar.

“We are thankful for all the leaders and organisations who have taken a stand against this attack on our nation. It is now time for believers across this nation to take their place in this battle.

They urge believers to join in comprehensive, strategic warfare against CSE through fasting, prayer, intercession, proclamation and thanksgiving, praise and worship.

Actions called for in the invitation are to register online for the webinar, to share relevant information via social media, to sign a petition opposing CSE at SA schools, and for people in the Cape Town area to join a March for Family on Saturday during which the petition, which currently has nearly 150 000  signatures, will be handed to government.


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