Prolife activist seeks direction at Karoo Mighty Men

Prolife activist Peter Throp with his 'pro-life-mobile' which he drove from Cape Town to the KMMC 2014 near Middelburg.
Prolife activist Peter Throp with his ‘pro-life-mobile’ which he drove from Cape Town to the KMMC 2014 near Middelburg.

Cape Town pro-life activist Peter Throp, who has been praying almost daily outside an abortion clinic in the city, was one of the thousands of men who attended the Karoo Mighty Men Conference last weekend.

I asked Throp what had led him to attend the event so far from his home city.

I think I am searching for the same thing that all the other guys have come here are searching for: direction, confirmation, fellowship. The one big word in our faith is hope. We live in hope that everybody will find the true road and not swallow the lies that are being fed to us from the World Bank, the secular world. I think that’s what led me to come here.”

Asked whether he had found the direction and fellowship he was seeking, he replied: “Yes, I think so. My friend [pointing to a fellow camper he met at the KMMC] stepped on his bank card and bent it and was a bit concerned about going back on the bus to Cape Town and buying food on the road. And somebody walked up to him yesterday and stuck R150 in his hand and said ‘God told me to give you this’. And he didn’t know about the bank card.

“I think nobody goes away from here without something. And I think I got some contentment about coming to the Mighty Men.”

Throp said he is combining his Mighty Men visit with a two week mission round-trip aimed at spreading the truth about abortion in smaller towns.

It’s a lonely mission. An it’s direction for the mission that I was seeking particularly in coming here. ‘Where does God want me to carry on? Where does he want me to go? Because I’ve had a feeling since the beginning of March that God seems to be directing me away from praying outside the abortion clinic. I get the feeling that like Romans Chapter 1, God is saying ‘I’ve handed them over to their lusts’. 

“Maybe he wants me to promote the truth outside schools or things like that where the youth can see the true message and go and search for the knowledge. The knowledge is all over the Internet: both sides of the argument are there and the youth have the intelligence to weigh up the truth,” he said. 

Throp said that whenever man takes away dignity from a section of society, such as happened in apartheid and slavery, there is a risk of a holocaust. This is what the world faces today because of failing to extend dignity to unborn human beings in the womb. 

“It’s a shame that South Africa has decided to join that process. We should know better because we went through apartheid,” he said. 

Throp said his current mission plan is to stop in smaller towns and park the ‘pro-life-mobile’ in a prominent places where it can attracts a lot of attention.

“And it does [attract attention] — even to the extent where one man asked me whether I actually perform abortions, which is laughable. Any way, then I walk the business disrict and I hand out tracts on abortion and prolife stickers.”

Pointing to the cross which forms part of his Value Life mission’s emblem, he said: “It is a cross for God and He reveal himself to everyone who views that cross. And we hope they come to the Lord and to the salvation of the Lord through being able to see that cross.” 

Throp said the first few days of his trip from Cape Town were a little hampered by rain.

“I’m hoping to have no rain on the way back and to hand out a lot more tracts and to make many more contacts.”

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