Prophet Paul Cain dies At 89

Paul Cain (1929 – 2019)

Originally published in God TV

Though he stumbled, he got back on track and died victoriously

When one considers ‘God’s Generals’ of the last century, names like William Branham, John G Lake, Maria Woodworth-Etter, and Jack Coe come to mind. Paul Cain, who served Branham as a young man is said to be in the same league.

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He inspired countless numbers of people during his 76 years of ministry and according to a statement from Dan Reise and Jon Cressey of Paul Cain Ministries passed away yesterday, February 12th 2019 at the age of 89. He would have been 90 in June.

“Paul Cain ran the race and finished well,” the statement said. “He lived his life for, and to the glory of God. He was the friend of friends to those in lowly positions and to world leaders and officials. He loved the Lord, and the Lord was truly the magnificent obsession of his heart.”

Paul started out in ministry at around 18, the youngest to minister in the Voice of Healing Revival of the 1940s and 1950s. He spoke from a large tent, as did his contemporaries, Billy Graham and Oral Roberts. He had an extraordinary prophetic gift, often calling people out from the audience and giving them details about their lives he couldn’t have known.

A recurring vision of stadiums full of people

Though Paul went through periods in his life where he wasn’t seen in public, he had a long and fruitful ministry that saw many miracles and healings. His ongoing legacy is perhaps his extraordinary vision of coming revival. You can hear his prophecy below.

“There is something greater than a tidal wave, a gigantic charismatic earthquake coming… God is going to shake the earth once more… and His glory is going to be revealed…” Paul prophesied. “A cloud is coming… they will be the faceless generation… with multitudes all about… with reports of the whole world going mad over Jesus… sports stadiums filled to overflowing, with resurrections and healing miracles…” Listen and be inspired.

Though Paul stepped down from ministry in 2005 for a period, he was restored and genuinely finished well.

Looking over his social media posts, it’s clear Paul’s ministry reached a fitting crescendo before he passed. He ministered in the UK at Kensington Temple at Pentecost last year, along with Ken Gott, RT Kendall and Colin Dye and was featured in a prime time interview with Daystar and there many photographs of him with other leading ministers of the Gospel whose lives he undoubtedly impacted.

These include Mike and Diane Bickle of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City; Johnathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries International; Nathan Morris of Shake the Nations and Todd White of Lifestyle Christianity amongst many others.

International prophetic voice, Shawn Bolz, who says Paul played a key role in him becoming a prophet posted the following photograph of the two of them on Facebook. Thankfully Paul lived to see the start of the mass stadium revivals he prophesied, this one at Asuza Now.

Paul was featured on GOD TV many times on various broadcasts including conferences at MorningStar Ministries with Rick Joyner. As a ministry dedicated to Souls, Israel and Revival we thank God for the life of Paul Cain and we wait expectantly for the ongoing fulfilment of this phenomenal prophecy.

We see God’s grace at work in the life of this much loved man of God and are encouraged by his example of never giving up.

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