Prophetic art conference in PE in May

A drawing done at last year’s prophetic art conference.

Emerging and master artists everywhere are invited to attend a 3-day Christian prophetic art conference in Port Elizabeth from Friday May 1 to Saturday May 3.

The aim of the conference is to bring artists together to grow and flow with the Holy Spirit in their creative expression, said Karien Dutton, one of a group of people from Harvest Christian Church who are organising the event at the Harvest Pre Primary School.

Last year’s inaugural prophetic art conference attracted artists from all over SA. The organisers hope to reach Christian creatives nationally and even internationally, this year, said Dutton.

“Although we come from a charismatic perspective we welcome artists from every stream of Christianity and worship tradition,” she said.

The conference theme this year is … “as it is in heaven …bringing what is in front of God’s throne to earth through the creative arts…”.

“The weekend promises to be filled with times of incredible connection with other artists of diverse creative mediums, teaching on prophetic creativity, prophetic activation, practical workshops to hone your skills to release God’s vision through the creative arts,” said Dutton.

Main speakers at the conference — together with their short bios — are:

Karin TerBlanche , who believes she was made to create and that God is teaching her His ways, His approach. She says, when your love for God gets expressed through a piece … when you are able to blur the already thin line between heaven and earth, you know that there is more to creating. Then He gives you wisdom to persevere, strength to rise above a failed piece and so much grace.

Duncan Stewart says: “Much of what I do is fueled by my desire to understand the deeper, more elusive aspects of life and spirituality. I believe there is a creator God and that Jesus is who He says He was and I use my art as best as possible to test those beliefs… this seems to be the most meaningful exercise for me, right now.”

Tess Lovemore, a professional painter, spent seven years with her husband in the mission field, and in 2008 started her Sky Gallery in Kenton on Sea and began painting very large canvasses – much of her work measures 2,5 x 2,5m when square or 2,5 x 1,2m if rectangular. Recently an emphasis on narrow panoramic scenes has been popular.

The Friday and Saturday sessions are from 9am to 4pm and the Sunday session is from 9am to 12.30pm. The conference fee is R800 and includes coffee, tea, lunch on Friday and Saturday, a goodie bag and conference booklet.

Artists can register for the conference online.

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