Rev Johan Krige retiring after 16 years at helm of MES

Rev. Johan Krige, Chief Executive Officer of MES, has announced to the MES Board of Directors his intention to retire with effect from 31 December. This announcement follows a significantly positive contribution and successful tenure of 16 years at MES of which the last 15 was in the capacity of CEO.
“The decision to retire was taken after careful consideration, introspection and prayer. It is time for me to move on to making a new contribution to society in other ways. Upon my retirement I will hand the baton over to an appropriate successor to continue to build MES and change the hearts of our inner metropolitan cities,” states Krige of his intention to retire.
“As an integrated social and enterprise development organisation, MES and the team at MES add much value to changing the heart of South Africa’s cities, serving the needs of the marginalised in our metropolitan communities. Our organisation has always moved in faith and enjoyed blessing at the right time. I have the faith and am confident that we will be able to make the appropriate succession appointment. The strong MES team will support the new CEO and our driven team’s good work will continue,” says Krige.
MES Board of Directors Chairman Rev Hannes Windell thanked Krige for his drive, leadership and contribution over many years. “Johan Krige leads from the front, always setting an example that all of us can admire and follow. His passion for answering to the plight of the marginalised, his compassion for those in need and his deep respect for all people have contributed greatly to the success of his leadership as CEO and indeed the success of the organisation,” states Windell. “We reluctantly accept his retirement notice and wish him grace and blessings for his retirement. However, we are gladly assured of his continued support and counsel where required beyond the retirement date,” continues Windell.
Organisational and leadership continuity is key in the management of MES and the service to its clients. MES is fortunate that a strong and dedicated leadership team is in place and a smooth transition will be ensured. The intention is to recruit for the CEO position internally and externally in a fair process. The intention is that a CEO designate will take up his/her role at the end of September to work alongside Krige for the last quarter of 2015 to ensure a smooth and positive transition until the role will formally be handed over at the end of December 2015 upon Krige’s retirement.
“I have always had a passion to work with vulnerable and needy people while I was ministering in a congregation. When I was approached to join MES, I knew that this would be the opportunity to invest as Christian believer in those people’s lives and help through practical support to change their lives. The opportunity also arises daily to show by example to many churches and communities how we can practically contribute to bring change in our cities,” concludes Krige about his MES involvement.

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