Rewriting stories of women for God’s glory at Polokwane conference

The recent 2019 #She conference in Polokwane.

More than 300 women — 33 of who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour on the day — gathered in the invitingly-decorated Gateway Airport Conference Hall, Polokwane, for the recent annual #She Conference hosted by Christian Revival Church (CRC) Polokwane

The event, themed “My Story, His Glory”, was well-timed in September, a month that has been spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally taxing on the women of South Africa for various reasons, noted conference speaker Pastor Thando Mlenzana of CRC Polokwane in an interview.

Other speakers were Pastor Nyretta Boshoff (conference founder and wife of Pastor At Boshoff, founder and leader of CRC Global) and Pastor Alison Schroder from CRC Durban.

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Sharing personal experiences and Scripture, while sticking to the conference theme, the speakers inspired and equipped attendees to shine their light and overcome life’s challenges, to celebrate themselves and choose their battles, and last, but not least, to pray with power.

Pastor Nyretta Boshoff

After the conference, I chatted to the speakers and Pastor Elizna Van der Merwe from CRC Mbombela, about their mission of helping women to rewrite their stories through conferences such as #She.

Pastor Nyretta emphasised the importance of spiritual preparation for the #She conferences in order to be equipped to host and be attentive to the Spirit while ministering to the spiritual needs of women from all walks and stages of life who attend the events around the country each year.

Pastor Thando Mlenzana

She said conferences such as #She help to strengthen the unity between women and give women in the Church, especially the wives of pastors, a unique voice.

Pastor Alison and Pastor Elizna said that #She and similar conferences give women a different kind of freedom and can be seen as “safe spaces”.

Noting that as many challenges that women face are directly or indirectly connected to their interactions with men, I asked: “How can women teach men to treat or respond to them better without moving from their position of submission, respect and from their God-given roles?”

Paster Allison Schroeder

“The Bible is quite clear on how a woman should treat a man. All we can do as women is to apply the biblical principles and then we can trust the older or more senior men in the church to teach the men how to be better men, because strong men relate better to strong men.” Pastor Nyretta responded.

The end-goal envisioned for every woman who attends a #She conference is for her to be able to rewrite her story for the glory of God

From the left, Pastor Thando Mlenzana, Pastor Nyretta Boshoff, Pastor Allison Schroeder and Pastor Elizna Van der Merwe

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