Rozanne – on the move for Jesus

Rozanne Visagie...and her latest CD

Rozanne Visagie, Capetown singer, author and motivational speaker, has just written her first one woman gospel cabaret, based on her life story. She hopes to have the show on stage early next year.

Rozanne loves Jesus and it’s her heart’s desire that God will use her, a mere broken vessel, to let His living oil flow to others. “I know there are people who are worse off than I have been, but I want to tell about God’s grace that is sufficient for every one” she says. Rozanne, 52, became well-known after her song “Kan ‘n man dan nie?” became a hit in the late 80s.

In another development, she recently joined Rhythm Online Digital Download . This enables listeners to download single tracks of her three CDs, Rozanne (1989), Jesus se Soldaatjies (2001) and Broken Fence (2010). “I waited 21 years for a breakthrough to release an adult gospel CD and now, after 21 years, Broken Fence finally came out last year. I’m so excited about all the new things God is busy doing in my and my family’s lives” she says. Her daughter Shanna, 14, was chosen to be part of iShine Southern Starz this year and is busy finalising the songs for her debut CD, due in 2012.

Rozanne’s life story started as a politician’s daughter. Though perceived to be a privileged setting, it was often a lonely walk. In those times she took to writing poems, a forerunner of her later song writing. Although she grew up in a Christian home, three incidents impacted her walk with God most.

  • In 1976 at age 16, she encountered a God who made her supernaturally calm. Her family was in a horrific car accident in which her spleen was ruptured and she was given no chance of survival. “On arrival at the hospital I somehow just knew and actually said to my parents they do not have to worry as I was not going through those hospital doors alone. This was my first real meeting with an awesome God.”
  • Then in 1999 her police officer husband was the target of an assassination attempt but, although seriously injured, miraculously survived. 2 Cor 12:9 carried her through this time. ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made prefect in weakness’. She also found courage in Phil 4:13 ‘I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me”.
    Her daughter, two at the time, also went missing at a shopping centre for 20 minutes later that year. She immediately linked it with the shooting and just called on the name of Jesus. She says she has since realised just how powerful His name is.
  • Two years ago, Rozanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time she recalls calling on the Name of Jesus which eased her pain one night when skin came loose after an operation from pulling off the plasters. “I couldn’t carry on and just cried before the Lord. I then started to say the name of Jesus and had five hours of pain-free sleep. Just by saying His name!”

While in hospital, she would walk from bed to bed pushing her drip-line stand, sharing Jesus with other patients. A special encounter was when a man who was burnt accepted Jesus into his life. “He was just so hungry for Jesus” she remembers.

Sharing Jesus with others helped her to deal with her own illness. She believes she has been healed, but knows God does not always heal. She had many questions after being diagnosed, but acknowledges that we live in a broken world in which we do not understand everything. “Jer 55 says ‘His thoughts are not our thoughts’ and that gave me peace”.

At home
Away from the music scene, Rozanne is just a mother and wife. Apart from Shanna, she also has a son, Schalk, who is in matric and heading for Stellenbosch next year. She has a passion for nature, enjoys gardening and loves animals – the latter her inspiration for a well-received children’s book “Melino Ant discovers God’s wonderful world”. The book consists of daily devotions and activities for young kids.

Rozanne says her trials helped her to listen to God’s voice more clearly. In the unforgiving music industry where competition is so strong, she has learned to seek His will first. She also now spends more time ‘at His feet’ instead of chasing many goals.

“I also had to learn to wait on the Lord” she says. “His answer to prayers is sometimes not ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but just ‘wait’ and that is hard for me as a person wanting to do things quickly. It is the case again with my cabaret for which I still need to find sponsors. But I’ve given Him the reins. God steers my boat. “

You can connect with Rozanne on her facebook page. Her CD Broken Fence is available online.


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