S Africans laying down religious barriers, insecurities, to worship — Sean Feucht

Next up, a Burn 24/7 in PE on Friday

Sean Feucht, a musician, speaker, writer, revivalist and founder of a grassroots, global worship and prayer missioninal organisation called Burn 24/7 is currently on a nationwide tour of South Africa. Michelle Moss met up with Sean in Port Elizabeth, where he will be busy with a number of events from May 4 to 6. First up is the Burn 24/7 event which begins at 7pm at Word of Faith Christian Centre on Friday, followed by a musicians’ workshop on Saturday and visits to Ebenezer and Storehouse churches on Sunday.

Sean set hearts on fire in Johannesburg from April 26 to May 1 and his comment on the Johannesburg concerts was: “It’s been amazing – an incredible open Heaven time of worship…there is a fresh wave of spiritual hunger there – and people are really letting loose. This time that I’m back in South Africa people are laying down their religious barriers and insecurities and they’re really carrying the ‘Spirit of David’ to give God dignified worship.” His take on Johannesburg,”the Johannesburg atmosphere is intense – it’s a melting pot of different cultures and it does have an apostolic calling to be a worship hub.”

Burn 24/7 actually started out by accident,out of all-night worship encounters Sean had in his college dorm room 5/6 years ago. Next they were doing multiple days worshiping through the night and it grew exponentially from there.

Worship thriving in underground Church
Now Sean travels all over the world, even to areas where Christianity is an underground movement. Before South Africa, Sean visited Oman and the United Arab Emirates where they have ‘Burn Furnaces’ twice a month or more. “The number one salvation counter for Muslims is worship. They find the presence of God really attractive,” Sean explains.  Even in North Korea and Iraq, God is very present. In Iran hundreds of burn worshipers gather underground every weekend.

Sean is excited about visiting so many multicultural groups. Every evening is unique he says.He spends time with Jesus to stay inspired because that is the place of all fruitfulness. Sean ‘s last leg of the tour is in Cape Town from May 10 to 13. Details about the tour can be found at www.seanfeucht.com


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