SA Christians urged to join 24/7 revival prayer initiative in 2013

A call has been made to South African Christians to join in a campaign of non-stop prayer for revival throughout 2013.

Every local church, Christian organisation and ministry is asked to take one week next year to pray night and day for revival, social justice and salvation in their community, says Daniel Brink of Jericho Walls International Prayer Network.

The so-called “7 Days on the Wall” prayer initiative is being launched as people are losing hope and trust due to challenging  personal circumstances, says Brink who is National Coordinator of the initiative.

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Challenges that need to be addressed in prayer include economic growth that is not keeping up with the need for jobs; moral decay of youth evidenced by increasing teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and alcoholism; declining church attendance with less than 10 million of the 50 million people in the country testifying that they have a living relationship with Jesus Christ; and a rise in occultism, spiritism, scepticism, atheism and ancestral worship.

The 7 Days on the Wall is part of a growing, global awakening of night and day prayer that began in 1990 resulting in “houses of prayer” being established in many nations and the “prayer towers” in Indonesia, says Brink.

The 2013 campaign in SA will run from January to December and the hope is that all 900+ cities and towns in the nation will each take a full week of 24/7 prayer.

Churches and other groups are urged to register their 7Days at More prayer information and practical guidelines, as well as weekly updates will be posted on the website. More info is available from the Jericho Walls Office at or phone +27 21 919 7988 (09:00-13:00) or by following the campaign on Facebook at  7daysonthewall.

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