SA group attending Global Day of Prayer event in India


A delegation of South African Christian leaders set out for India today (Thursday, June 5, 2014) to participate in a mass Global Day or Prayer (GDOP) event in India on Pentecost Sunday, June 8.

Businessman Graham Power, who founded the international prayer initiative in South Africa in 2000 will be one of the speakers at the Chennai event which is being broadcast by God TV, Jesus Redeems Ministries and some local TV stations. Dr Paul Dhinakaran, of Jesus Calls Ministries, will be the guest speaker. Millions of Christians in hundreds of countries will gather in small and large groups to intercede for the world on Sunday.

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Also in the delegation from South Africa are Isebel Spangenberg, former International Coordinator of GDOP and founder of the Global Prayer Resource Network; Dawie Spangenberg, CEO of The Sentinel Group; and Diane Vermooten, Executive Producer of Media Village

Dawie Spangenberg will be doing teaching on Journey to Transformation for 1 000 pastors on Monday (June 9) organized by Jesus Redeems Ministries.

The same ‘Prayer for the World‘ which includes repenting and interceding for the biblical hope of Christ’s glory and the transformation of all nations, will be said all over the world by Christians participating in the GDOP. In addition to the prayer focus on Pentecost Sunday, GDOP facilitates 10 Days of day-and-night prayer preceding and leading up to the Global Day of Prayer and 90 Days of Blessing and continuing prayer, following the Global Day of Prayer.

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