SA man conducting Biblical Entrepreneurship seminar in Malaysia

Patrick Kuwana.

Marketplace Mission (MM) in Malaysia which has a vision to introduce marketplace ministry to cities and nations has invited South African transformational entrepreneur Patrick Kuwana to conduct a 2-day Biblical Entrepreneurship seminar in Penang, Malaysia, at the weekend.

Kuwana, who is founder of Crossover Transformation Group, says he believes God is using the global economic shakeup to open up “closed countries” to the truth of the Gospel as nations sought economic solutions.

He says he believes “God will work in people’s hearts as we bring His Kingdom economic solutions to solve their problems”.

Abraham Gan, who founded Marketplace Mission in Malaysia after 12 years as senior pastor of a Baptist church, says that during a time at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, he and his wife, Irene, discovered the strategic role of equipping Christians for the workplace. They initially established Marketplace in Penang to impact business people and workers in the city.

“In June 2010, the Lord impressed upon us to go beyond Marketplace Penang to Marketplace Mission to introduce marketplace ministry to cities and nations beyond our city and nation. In 2012, Marketplace Mission has adopted the additional challenge of hosting a Marketplace Emphasis Week in one new city a month.,” he says.

He says that in addition to Kuwana’s seminar on August 10 and 11, MM will host promotional meetings in several centres from August 8 to 15. Malaysia, is predominantly Muslim and is 9.2 per cent Christian.

Kuwana says the purpose of his weekend trip is to sow the seed for the full launch of Biblical Entrepreneurship, Transformational Leadership and Kingdom Business Leadership programmes in March 2013 in South East Asia.

“My prayer is that we will eventually set up ‘Business mission trips’ where Kingdom business people will go into countries like North Korea and spread the Gospel through the foundation of business,” he says.

Kuwana established Crossover Transformation Group in 2011 and has been rolling out Biblical Entrepreneurship training in South Africa since February 2012. The training is aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial job creation and helping existing business to rebuild their foundations on Biblical principles.

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