Sexualisation of children given major boost!

Defending family, faith and freedomThe Constitutional Court has ruled – the provisions in the Film & Publications Act requiring that magazines be classified to indicate its sexual content prior to its sale – is unconstitutional.

That means magazines with graphic sexual content can be sold at your local grocery store without providing any warning whether it contains graphic nudity or sexually explicit content.

South Africa appear to be breaking with African tradition and embracing the radical liberal agenda of so many European nations. This ruling will advance the current agenda to sexualise children.

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Children as young as 8 are regularly exposed to hard-core pornographic images on the internet and on TV. Now, magazines have been given the green light to expose children to sexually explicit images without warning – all in the name of “media freedom” and “freedom of expression.”

I will be meeting with the Department of Home Affairs and the FPB to discuss the way forward.

“Save the Children” who promote sex ed for 5 year olds – funded by Sweden – has set up shop in Pretoria and appear to be advancing the radical sexual rights agenda of the United Nations.

Also under the guise of “equality” and “tolerance,” Save the Children want to indoctrinate your and other people’s children with their radical pro-abortion and pro-homosexual ideology.

Their objectives falls in line with UN agencies that promote legislation that will provide children as young as 10 the “right” to make their own sexual choices – independent of their parents.

The policy document spells out their vision for children in Africa and across the world.

“In Zambia, Save the Children has built the capacity of master trainers (men & women with in-depth skills on the concepts of children’s rights, sexuality, gender and masculinity). These master trainers have supported Zambian civil society organisations to enhance their understanding of how to work with boys for gender equality taking into account their perceptions of sexuality and masculinity.

Based on this knowledge, which also seeks to challenge deep rooted prejudice related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, children’s organisations are now working with boys and girls to change their attitudes and behaviours thereby preventing the spread of HIV…”

Save the Children fails to explain how “challenging deep rooted prejudice to homosexuality” – read (Biblical view of homosexuality) – prevents the spread of HIV amongst children.

Global health organisations like the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have consistently indicated that men who have sex with men are the highest health risk group.

Save the Children also appears to be working to eradicate gender norms amongst children.

“We discussed how ‘girls wear pink, boys wear blue, boys have to play football, girls have to play with dolls . . .’ It really changed the way I saw things. When I have to do something now I just do it –I don’t care if it is a ‘woman’s thing.’ For example, I used to be part of a dance group and I like dancing a lot. People would say:‘that’s not for men, that’s what girls should be doing.’ . . . Before when people said I’m gay, I felt very bad, like I was handicapped. Now I feel normal, like a real person.”

Save the Children would not agree to be interviewed on “Watchmen on the Wall” when they discovered we are a Christian organisation. So much for “equality” and “freedom of speech.”

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