Share the Christmas story with faith and thankfulness

[notice]A monthly column by farmer, preacher and writer for Jesus, Angus Buchan[/notice]

Sheep east of Bethlehem in an area thought to be the fields of the shepherds “keeping watch o’er their flocks by night.” (PHOTO: )

It gives me great pleasure to write this column to you, as we approach Christmas. I have had the tremendous privilege of having been to Israel a number of times and I’ve even been to Bethlehem — the place where The Bible says Jesus was born. It doesn’t look like a stable today, but that’s not the point.

As Christmas is upon us, please use your imagination and most of all your faith. Take time out to sit and contemplate on what Jesus Christ has done for you and I. He descended from His throne in Heaven and was born in a simple stable.

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His first bed was a food trough (a manger) and the people that came to pay Him homage, apart from the three wise men, were shepherds — country folk. Then there were the farm animals, and again I thought “Lord what a tremendous privilege giving us, the people of the land, Christmas, as it were in our own backyard.”

It must be quite hard sometimes for a city boy to try and understand and appreciate the physical location of the place where the Son of God was born. He was born in a rural setting. The King of Glory was born in a very humble surrounding.

I would suggest this Christmas that you extend your faith and believe God for the impossible in your business and amongst your people, as we look forward to 2017.

You need faith to believe in the Christmas story, because if you think of this story with carnal thoughts, you can never believe the miracle story of Christmas. A young maiden becoming pregnant, having never known a man, then giving birth to the most beautiful baby that has ever been born on the face of this earth.

A star directing wise men from a far-off country to come and worship Him, and to bring Him gifts. These are miracles that can never be explained, only believed, but I can tell you in my walk with God, and especially the 40 years plus I’ve spent on the farm, I have seen miracle after miracle. As you read this column, you can agree with me.

When we plant seeds in the ground it is a miracle that they germinate and come up. It has nothing to do with our ability. When you see a newly born calf fall to the ground — it’s a miracle. When we just think of how God has brought us through floods, droughts, bush fires, economic chaos, political unrest and we are still going — that is a massive miracle.

So, this Christmas time, as you settle down with your families and enjoy the beautiful Christmas lunch, spare a thought for the Babe. The Babe that was born in Bethlehem, in Israel about 2000 years ago. Thank God for His birthday and tell the Christmas story to your children and your grandchildren. Let it be prominent on your lips this Christmas Day and then enjoy your Christmas together. Thank God for His blessing over each and every one of you.

We look forward to a fantastic New Year.

Have a very blessed Christmas.

Angus and Jill Buchan

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