‘Show Dogs’ age classification decision awaited

A scene from the controversial ‘Show Dogs’movie due for release in South Africa on July 6.

The jury is still out on a possible adjustment of the age classification of the movie ‘Show Dogs’ which launches in South Africa tomorrow (Friday July 6 2018), a spokesman for the Film and Publications Board said today.

“We are yet to receive update from the office of the minister,” said Nthabiseng May, Manager Operations and Client Support of the FPB, in reply to a query from Gateway News about the 7-9 PG LV-rated movie which justice NGO Cause For Justice (CFJ) says may contain scenes that groom young children for sexual abuse.

Following action by CFJ, the Minister of Communications Pinky Kekana has said she will appeal the age classification, and the movie’s distributors Filmfinity have agreed to provide CFJ with a private screening to verify whether or not the problematic scenes have been removed.

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The scenes were supposed to have been removed after child sexual grooming concerns were raised in the US but there have been reports that they are still in the movie.

Earlier this week Ryan Smit executive director and legal counsel of CFJ said they were expecting to view the film today. He was positive about new opportunities to work with media distributors in the best interests of South Africa’s children.

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