Sidetracked with Faith Regained — ‘breath of fresh air’ in SA Gospel scene

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Faith Regained...from the left, Johan van den Berg, Zander de Bruin and Jakes van den Berg.
Faith Regained…from the left, Johan van den Berg, Zander de Bruin and Jaco van den Berg.

What seemed like a chance meeting five years ago when brothers Jaco and Johan van den Berg met the church newbie, Zander De Beer at Living Word Church in Bronkhorstspruit, turned out to be a beautifully envisioned Divine intervention. It did not take these three long to realise they share a common passion for music and Jesus. After a couple of failed shots at the local industry and with heavy hearts the guys were on the verge of laying down their guitars.

“It was around this time that God stepped in and made us realise that He placed us in a worship environment and upbringing for a reason, this is when we realised our calling; to be Worshippers,” says Faith Regained’s frontman, Zander de Beer.

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So with five years of band time behind them and an EP that they tracked, the guys from Faith Regained have teamed up with indie label Xrossbeat Media and have started recording on their first full length album titled “Word”.

Practice and passion
As I was chatting with De Beer, one thing clearly stood out for me; as with so many Christian bands before, these guys have no official music decorum or schooling behind their names. They fuel on hard practice sessions and a blinding passion for the love of Jesus Christ. After chatting to Xrossbeat Media owner, Eon De Bruin, and being privy to some unworked, recorded material from FR’s upcoming album I can tell you in no uncertain terms these guys are truly talented musicians, singing some real and original, heartfelt worship songs that this country so desperately needs.

The guys are enjoying the creative experience in studio at the moment and are excited for everyone to hear the new songs.

“Having some studio time is always one awesome experience, we get to create that what God has placed in our hearts for thousands to hear,” says De Beer.

Most of the songs for the album have been penned by frontman De Beer but he adds that some songs have been a collective effort. The lyrical inspiration for most of the songs is based on prophecies the band has received.

“We do not just write songs unless God reveals something in our hearts, if it’s not Holy Spirit inspired it’s not on the list.”

Even though the band has just started work on its debut album two of their songs from their previously released EP have already grabbed the public’s attention. “Chasing Me” has been playlisted by 10 radio stations across the country and their song “Fire in Me” was selected as the Feed-A-Child Foundation theme song for 2014.

“It’s truly a blessing and we are honoured to be associated with this cause,” says De Beer.

Worship lifestyle
Even though these hard working band members from Bronkhorstspruit is committed to their calling, they believe that worship is more than just bright lights and loud music — “we believe worship is not supposed to be linked only to music, worship is a lifestyle and for us just by being ourselves and projecting Jesus we can inspire this lifestyle towards others. FR’s message to everyone who is hungry for worship is to live out worship in your days on earth.  Love is what Jesus was all about shouldn’t we be the same?”

Their debut album “Word” is set for release in February 2015 and the guys are determined to make a difference in the youth of the country.

“Our vision is to change the views of  ‘worship’ in SA to bring a new and exciting feel and joy into the body of Christ; to inspire a generation for a generation.”

The band is motivated to change and inspire the youth worship scene with a new and unique sound to South African Gospel. Together with the self-created trend #WeBelieve Faith Regained is busy inspiring, motivating and building a generation focused on the heart of worshiping God with a deeper meaning than just singing songs.

“We believe in a God Loving Generation in South-Africa.”

When the guys aren’t out on the road or recording in studio you will find them at Living Word Ministries as part of one of their worship teams. Faith Regained is Zander de Beer, 24 on lead vocals, Johan van den Berg, 25 on bass and Jaco van den Berg, 19 on lead guitar. 

Faith Regained is a breath of fresh air in a saturated and sometimes monotonous South African Gospel market; their sound is unique and their lyrics are honest reflections of their daily struggles in life. I highly recommend you keep tabs on them and grab their debut album when it releases early next year. The guys are managed by Life In A Bulb Prod and are available for worship sessions should you wish to contact them.


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