Sidetracked with The Altar Band: prophetic and spontaneous sound

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The Altar Band — Amiel and Octavia Govender.

The Altar Band is a prophetic worship band from Johannesburg,  South Africa consisting of a husband and wife team Amiel and Octavia Govender. This dynamic and anointed team started in September 2014. Their passion and vision is to share the Father’s heart through their music, while inspiring a new generation of worshippers to live out their purpose and true identity as Sons of God in the Kingdom of God.

The Altar Band have been writing original worship songs and ministering together for 7 years. In 2014 they received a word from the Lord to release a new sound in worship and start a movement that will impact the Church of Jesus Christ. Their sound is prophetic and spontaneous in nature, focussing on the Father and Christ the Son. They also host Abba Father Worship Nights, where they aim to unite worshippers with the Father’s heart. I had the privilege to catch up with them for some Q and A:

  1. Sdtrckd: You guys have been doing music for seven years, how did the ministry start and how long have you been married for?

Octavia: We’ve been together for 7 years and married for 5. Both of us have been involved in music ministries growing up.

Amiel: I am a musician and composer and have been playing guitar and later started with keyboard. I’m passionate about the Word of God and so I’ve developed this gift in composing songs.

Octavia: I, on the other hand, have been singing in choirs since the age of 6. God’s choice for us was so perfect. Our journey so far had a fair share of challenges, quite adventurous and full of love. The Altar Band ministry started in September 2014 after we had received a word from the Lord, so for us it’s a step in obedience to the Lord.

  1. Sdtrckd: Do you guys have formal music training?

Amiel: Well we have both had some basic formal training, I have been teaching for many years as well and I am now teaching Octavia to play piano.

  1. Sdtrckd: The name; The Altar Band, sounds so inviting. How did you decide on it?

Amiel:  The name comes from Romans 12v1, which speaks of laying down our lives as a living sacrifice on THE ALTAR which is a place of self-denial and death to self, The Altar Band is a name given by the Father.

  1. Sdtrckd: Does it ever get difficult to share a ministry with your Spouse?

Amiel: We don’t have any challenges regarding ministry since we are one in the Spirit. When we minister we have created a synergistic relationship which allows ministry to be effective and impactful.

Octavia: I think we both have a tendency to shape one another and also to push each other into a space that is not comfortable to the flesh and that basically forces you to step outside of yourself and just obey the voice of the Lord.

  1. Sdtrckd: Do you guys write your songs together?

Amiel: We have been writing and composing songs together for 7 years.

Octavia: Our sessions are very spontaneous and most of the time we’ll get either the words or the melodies and then we’ll put it together. Amiel always encourages me to write, and it is something that I really have to work at, whereas it comes much easier for him.

  1. Sdtrckd: In 2016 you are aiming to release your debut album, tell us more about that?

Amiel: Our debut album which will be a live CD/DVD called ‘Fathers and Sons’ will be recorded in February 2016. The CD will consist of 10 original worship songs which will be recorded in a spontaneous, prophetic setting in studio. The CD is a tool which will carry the voice of the Lord to this generation. We want people to experience the Father’s Love and His presence and be transformed by the word of the Lord in our music and songs. The Lord gave us the title ‘Father’s and Sons’ because presently much of our generation is a Fatherless generation. The Heart of the album is to impart the Love of God and His heart and mind for His people.

  1. Sdtrckd: You mention you do prophetic and spontaneous worship, how important do you believe this is in our day and age?

Amiel: Spontaneous and Prophetic Worship is the vital missing piece in the Body of Christ. Jesus said the Father is seeking true worshippers who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus. Prophetic worship is the mechanism through which God speaks to His Sons. Music is one element of prophetic worship. Prophetic worship is more about the message we carry. Prophetic worship is focussed on delivering the heart and mind of God.

In this day and age we are seeing the current church circles emphasis being placed on branding, marketing, entertainment and performance instead of true worship. Prophetic Worship carries the DNA and the Sound of God’s voice which will dismantle the false Altars and Idols which people are now worshipping in post -modern denominations globally

  1. Sdtrckd: You guys are aiming to launch a series of worship nights starting October, tell us more about that?

Amiel: Our first one is actually on the 5th of September. The Abba Father Worship Nights are designed to bring oneness in the Body of Christ through worship, gathering God’s people together to worship God and build relationships breaking cultural, denominational and all forms of separation in the Kingdom of God. These events are designed to magnify Christ and establish His Kingdom through worship

  1. Sdtrckd: What, do you believe, is key to worship and connecting with the Holy Spirit?

Amiel:  We believe the key is relationship with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the secret is intimacy with God, abiding in His Word and applying His word accurately in our lives. When we do what the Father does and say what He says then we will we become the true worshippers the Father is seeking. Worship is walking in obedience to the Voice of the Lord.

  1. Sdtrckd: While we are waiting for the album to come out is there any way to get hold of your music?

Amiel:  We have posted some videos on our You Tube page just search for TheAltarBandZA and on our Facebook and Reverbnation page as well.

  1. Sdtrckd: How can churches go about hosting “Worship Nights” at their local assemblies?

Amiel: Any ministries or churches who are Kingdom minded and have a vision to host Abba Father Worship nights or workshops at their ministries can contact us via email: on Facebook and and on our Facebook page.

On September 5, The Altar Band will be hosting their first Abba Father Worship night at the Live Little Arts Theatre in Boksburg, Gauteng. If you are looking for intimacy with God and to get closer to Him this is definitely something to keep in mind. The Altar Band is not interested in simple performances to keep people smiling but they are on a mission to help people connect with our Father’s heart. Follow the links below to get a good look at their music and upcoming events.

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