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Defending family, faith and freedom

Arlene and I returned from Russia on Tues 16 Sept where we participated in the “International Forum – Large Families and The Future Of Humanity” in Moscow during 10 – 12 September 2014.

This significant global gathering included some of the world’s most prominent pro-family leaders.

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Hosted in the Kremlin Palace and The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the entire conference – which focused on Biblical family values – enjoyed the full support of the Russian Federal Government.

One of the highlights of the Forum was a discussion on international family friendly legislation in the Russian State Duma (Parliament), convened and hosted by several senior government officials.

The influence of the Russian  Orthodox Christian Church appears to have a profound impact on the nation’s policy position on the natural family. The church leadership are held in high esteem.

In fact, Arlene and I and the other pro-family leaders were accomodated at the exclusive and high-security President Hotel in Moscow – a facility usually reserved for official state guests.

Family friendly nation
Compared to the US and Europe – where radical sexual rights activists determine social policy – Russia is fast becoming the world’s most family friendly nation – and the enemy of the liberal media.

The new “Cold War” emerging between Russia and the West appears to be a result of widely differing (and conflicting) views on the role of the natural family and State sanctioned sexual rights activism. 

My presentation, “Public Policy & the Decline of the Natural Family in SA” was well received by Moderator, Ms Elena Mizulina, Chairperson of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation Committee on Family, Women and Children. My presentation will be published in Russia.

On a practical note, Sharon Slater, the Chair of the United Nations Family Rights Caucus and President of Family Watch International requested my assistance in support of a pro-family declaration.

She actually requested I travel with the team to the UN in Geneva to address the Family Rights Caucus. However, although this was not possible, you and I can still support the fight at the UN.

Sign here
A pro-family Declaration was presented to the UN in Geneva on 12 Sept from the children of the world. The “New Declaration of Rights of Children & Families” will be presented at the United Nations in New York later this year. I strongly urge you and your children tosign the Declaration here.

The Declaration was meant for a time such as this, as children and families from around the world call upon governments to protect their families and the right of children to grow up in a loving, stable home – guided by their parents. Alarmingly, UN sexual rights activists want the exact opposite.

I am trusting God for the opportunity to travel to the United Nations in New York later this year to support the Family Rights Caucus in its critical battle for the protection of the natural family. 

The “New Declaration of the Rights of Children & Families” is a critical UN document that needs your immediate attention. Please sign it today for our children’s future & the strength of the natural family.


Errol Naidoo

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