Something fresh from Kingfisher FM

Kingfisher FM lineup, from left, Lize-Mari Arthur, Gareth Burley, Dee Lukes, Theunis Pienaar and Ningi Goje

The residents of Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounds can look forward to something fresh on their radios, as Kingfisher FM rolls-out its brand new 2012-schedule.

‘Our intention is to improve the quality of our service all the time’, said Xandre van der Berg, the station’s program manager.  ‘We have quite a few quality broadcasters in our area and the radio station which does not innovate and re-invent itself will be left behind.’

Gareth Burley, Dee Lukes, Lize-Mari Arthur and Ningi Goje are the well known voices on Kingfisher FM.  On Monday, Theunis Pienaar joins them, as he returns to the microphone to say good morning to Kingfisher FM’s listeners with a brand new ‘Big Breakfast’, a newly created four hour program packed with fresh information, some controversial opinion and just enough fun.

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‘Perhaps we’ll be able to bring our listeners something our little bit of world has not had before,’ said Pienaar.

 The station’s 2012-schedule features new quality inserts and a fresh approach to local radio.  The ever popular Xhosa-show, ‘Masabelane’, moves to an earlier time-slot and presenters will be contributing to each other’s shows throughout the day.

 ‘2012 is going to be a big year for our little bit of world’, said Ningi Goje, presenter of ‘Masabelane’.

 Kingfisher FM broadcasts on 103.8 and 107.5.  It is also available online and through smartphone applications from the station’s website.

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