Table Mountain Challenge will help trafficked women and children

tablemountainchallengePeople of all ages and fitness levels are invited to join the Freedom Climb Table Mountain Challenge from October 7 to 12 to help raise awareness and funds to combat human trafficking.

Groups of people from various nations will stand up for vulnerable and enslaved women and children around the world by hiking, running, or riding up the scenic mountains of Franschhoek and climbing Table Mountain, Cape Town, or by praying at the foot of the mountains. The Table Mountain Challenge, which will tie in with ‘Human Trafficking Awareness Week’ in South Africa (the first week of October), includes four days of activity and interactive information sessions. The event will culminate on Saturday, Oct 11, with climbing Table Mountain and a closing ceremony of intercession for those involved in exploitation.

Participants can choose the challenge that suits their preference or fitness level. Options are the Fitness Challenge (hike, trail run or mountain bike ride), Family Challenge (easier family hike and special programme for children), Disabled Challenge (hiking options for people with physical disabilities), Adventure Challenge (for paragliders and motorcyclists) and Prayer Challenge (intercession for thos involved in activities of exploitation).

Funds raised during the event will support OM prevention, rescue and rehabilitation, and development projects around the world.

“The climb is symbolic of what many women and children around the world go through every single day—their arduous climb to freedom. When we stand on the top of the mountains, we will be declaring life and freedom for those who cannot speak for themselves. The Freedom Climb offers a very specific way to make a difference through prayer, awareness, and funding for projects that fight the battle to remove this deep stain on all of humanity head on,” say Freedom Climb, a project of OM, which is organising the events.

Prospective participants can register online. The cost is R2 500 per individual registration (food and accommodation included). Additional required fundraising is R10 000 (or more) per individual entry and R5 000 per adult and R1 000 per child for family entries. The idea is for participants to get people to sponsor them.