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Chinese Christians banned from sharing religious content online

Originally published in Christian News Christians in China are facing a crackdown by their government, to control every word and image of religious content they post on the internet.  The country’s unregistered house churches, aided by online content, to survive the pandemic and persecution, are having that support stripped away, according […]

China deports S Korean Christians for helping persecuted N Koreans

Originally published by  Christian Headlines China’s government is not only cracking down on its own Christian citizens, it is also targeting South Koreans who are in the country and who allegedly helped persecuted North Koreans that escaped Kim Jong-un’s oppressive regime. According to The Christian Post, the Chinese provinces of […]

China and the threat of the church

Originally published in INContext Ministries’ World In Motion, Issue 99, May 2014. Photos have emerged on Chinese social networks showing the controversial demolition of a large church in eastern China. This followed weeks of protests by parishioners, who saw the move as indicative of a larger crackdown on churches. Sanjiang church was located […]