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The worship service: then and now — in one lifetime! (3)

In the previous two Worship Columns, we have surveyed the changes in our worship services in the course of a lifetime.  Some changes are neutral, other are harmful. This month we celebrate the positive changes that have been taking place. Let’s identify some contemporary changes that are positively healthy, for […]

Worship leaders evaluate how their congregations sing — Hugh Wetmore

Last month we listened in to the Trinity discussing among Themselves how congregations are singing these days.  This month we eavesdrop on a panel of three progressive worship leaders who have been evaluating the current Church scene. They discuss the same question: “How does the congregation sing?” “I think we […]

Hymns and contemporary worship songs: principles and preferences (3 out of 3) — Hugh Wetmore

It is dangerous to allow our musical preferences to divide the Church. We disobey Jesus when we allow our preferences to erode the unity for which Jesus prayed. All believers, young and old, white and black, are one in Christ. Worship together. Sing together. Serve together. Witness together. Because this […]

Hymns and contemporary worship songs: principles & preferences (2 of 3) — Hugh Wetmore

With the changing musical cultures, the Church of Jesus Christ is in danger of dividing along generational lines. The natural driving force is the people’s preference for the kind of song they like. If they don’t like another style of singing, they avoid it. People’s preference prevails. But what about […]

Hymns and contemporary worship songs: principles & preferences (1 of 3) – Hugh Wetmore

In the 1970s, when the new wave of “praise and worship songs” swept through the churches, there were people who liked them and people who disliked them. “Worship wars” divided congregations. Usually, the older generation wanted to retain hymns, while the younger generation was eager to embrace the new contemporary […]