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Religious freedom alert: act on Bill now, urges FOR SA

By (Freedom of Religion SA) FOR SA The Department of Justice has released the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Amendment Bill (the Amendment Bill) for public comment until Wednesday May 12. We believe that this Amendment Bill represents “possibly the biggest single threat to religious freedom of individuals, religious institutions/organisations, and even NPOs, that we have experienced to date”.  The video below […]

Anti-religious freedom ‘Equality Act’ passed in US House of Representatives

Originally published in Lifesite News  The US House of Representatives voted 224 to 206 yesterday to pass the “Equality Act,” which would write transgenderism into federal civil rights law, compel medical professionals to commit abortions and transgender surgeries, and expand taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. “On occasion, Congressional leaders will purposely misname […]