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‘Black Sunday’ prayer campaign launched as slaughter of Christians in southern Kaduna escalates

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin — by Elizabeth Kendal Despite its location in the north-west region of northern Nigeria and also being one of 12 states ruled (unconstitutionally) by Sharia Law, Kaduna State actually straddles Nigeria’s ethnic-religious fault-line. The north is predominantly Hausa-Fulani Muslim whilst the south is populated by numerous […]

Nigeria ‘aiding’ Boko Haram by freeing hundreds of jihadis who’ve repented, activist warns

Originally published in The Christian Post The Nigerian government is “aiding and abetting” the deadly Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram by releasing captured militants who have “repented,” a Christian activist has said. As the Borno state-based Boko Haram has made a name for itself as one of the world’s deadliest […]