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Australia poised to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Originally published in The Tower Australia is set to formally recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, after the country’s national security committee approved the move on Tuesday night, The Times of Israel reported. The Australian government is expected to formally announce the decision on Wednesday, although it remains unclear […]

The beauty of Zion: reclaiming the noble description of God’s holy city — Charles Gardner

Gateway News UK correspondent Charles Gardner sets the record straight on Zionism. As Jews across Europe come under increasing fire, and the scandal of anti-Semitism continues to wreak havoc in Britain’s Labour Party, there is an ever-present danger of misunderstanding as to what it’s all about. Why have Jews, and […]

Giant lion of Judah on its way to Israel

Originally published in Charisma News Jeff Anderson, president of Leadership Inc, announced that a massive 509kg, 3.3m long lion sculpture has now been completed by Eagle Bronze in Lander, Wyoming, and is ready to ship to Israel. The No. 1 life-size (105%) bronze statue called the Lion of Judah will […]