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Kenya family denies man for standing with Christ

Originally published in International Christian Concern. After converting to Christianity, Yasin Bakari, a father of two living in coastal Kenya, fears that he will be killed. He heard the Gospel in March and was moved enough to abandon his old faith. Now, he receives threats daily from the Muslim faithful […]

New hope rises from Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

Originally published in Mission Network News Lebanon may be short on money, but it’s full of problems. An estimated 900 000 to 1.5 million Syrian refugees strain resources and infrastructure. Forced deportations, ongoing since April, send refugees back to Syria whether they want to leave or not. Political leaders blame […]

Concerned at spread of Christianity, Iran questions citizens about conversion

Originally published in Christianity Today Iran’s intelligence minister, Mahmoud Mahmoud Alavi, openly expressed concern last weekend about the spread of Christianity in the Islamic republic and said that some converts to Christianity were “summoned” to explain why they have converted. The 65-year-old Alavi gave a speech before Shia clerics on […]