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Jailing of Christian governor for ‘blasphemy’ pushes Indonesia towards radical Islam

Compiled from reports (see below) Indonesia’s highest profile Christian politician is tonight in a prison cell, sentenced to two years for blasphemy, and the country’s reputation for pluralism and religious tolerance is in peril. The district court where the verdict was announced was surrounded by radical Islamist mobs calling for […]

Evangelicals ponder Christian response to the Paris attacks

Originally published in The Baptist Standard American evangelical leaders remain at odds over whether the best response to the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris is a war on terrorism and militant Islamic ideology or Christian reconciliation and pacifism. Franklin GrahamFrench President Francois Hollande‚Äôs description of the Nov. 13 attacks that […]

Paris attacks shock the world

By INcontext Ministries — Originally published in A World In Motion, Issue 137, Nov 19, 2015 French, Russian, British and US warplanes struck Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq as the harrowing attacks carried out by the jihadi group in Paris spurred international efforts to crush the terrorist organisation. […]