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Education: creating circles of influence

[notice]Musings around children’s ministry.[/notice] Browsing through some of the articles on Education in the secular press can make one feel discouraged! Limpopo is now under the spotlight after last year’s textbook scandal, and even though last year’s overall best matriculant came from Limpopo, it seems there is a lingering morbid […]

Inspired by little movements

[notice]Musings around children’s ministry.[/notice] I have yet another conference story to share…Last weekend the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) invited our ministry (Reaching a Generation) to one of their provincial conferences. I cannot describe how inspiring it was to see teachers share so passionately about what Christ is doing […]

The freedom to dream

[notice]Musings around children’s ministry.[/notice] “Let’s do it today. We’ll go to the squatter camp after work and make a start. Does that sound like a plan?” I searched my mind for the appropriate excuse to get out of it but then the unthinkable happened.  I heard my own voice betray […]