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Crisis in Syria creates openness to Jesus

Originally published in Charisma News “Really, only God could pull this one off.” Those were the words of E3 Partners Middle East expert Tom Doyle, talking to Mission Network News about the miraculous way the gospel is reaching the hearts of the Syrian people. According to Doyle, “There are five […]

Christians blockaded in Syrian town

Originally published in barnabasaid Around 12,000 people were blockaded in a predominantly Christian town in Syria for two weeks by anti-government forces, who shot down people trying to leave and refused entry to food and medical supplies. Snipers prevented anyone from leaving the southern town of Rableh, shooting dead three […]

Christians in Syria in danger, misunderstood

[notice]Christians in Syria are under attack by Islamists and many have fled as the complex and bloody conflict between rebels and the Assad regime continues. In this special report by the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (WEA-RLC) , researcher Fernando Perez sheds some light on the difficulties faced by […]