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Miraculous escape: Ukrainian pastor survives Russian imprisonment and takes family to freedom

Originally published in Faithwire As Russian troops are facing increasing strain with the Ukrainian army seeking to retake the southern city of Kherson, stories of atrocities, persecution, and God’s deliverance are emerging from the occupied territory. Residents of Kherson are boarding buses under forced “evacuation” orders from the Russian army, […]

Pro-Russian forces shutting down churches, arresting pastors in Ukraine

Originally published in Christian News A religious freedom watchdog has warned of Pro-Russian forces persecuting non-Orthodox churches in Ukraine.  According to Release International, forces occupying areas in Ukraine have closed down the three largest evangelical Protestant churches in Melitopol and shut down churches in Mariupol. In another raid, soldiers reportedly […]

UKRAINE: Chaplain rescues trapped civilians as war rages

Originally published in Voice of the Martyrs Since the opening days of the war, Gennadiy Mokhnenko, a chaplain in Ukraine’s military, and his band of brothers have rescued thousands trapped between Ukrainian and Russian forces. “Right now, this is [a very] dangerous place,” Mokhnenko told CBN News. “Every time when […]

How sports ministry has rescued 300 000 Ukranians

Originally published in Eternity Long before this invasion in Ukraine, small groups of Christians across Ukraine and Eastern Europe had formed connections over their desire to share the Gospel through sport. For 14 years these groups have collaborated, shared resources and communicated within a tight network that has grown to […]

Russian evangelical leader apologises to Ukrainian Christians

Originally published in Christianity Today In the highest-profile statement yet of its kind, the leader of the Russian Evangelical Alliance has announced his “bitterness and regret” over decisions taken by his government. Will it be enough to rebuild bridges with fellow Ukrainian believers across the border? “I mourn what my […]