TBN launches new African Christian channel

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has launched TBN Mzansi, a new African Christian channel that is available on Africa’s latest and second largest satellite service called Kwesé TV on channel 810.

Available from March 1, the new channel will reach countries across Africa “with authentic, quality and inspirational African Christian programming,” says TBN in a press release.

The new channel is under the stewardship of TBN in Africa and forms part of TBN’s global expansion strategy whose previous most recent addition was the Hillsong channel.

Since the re-launch of TBN in Africa in March 2016, TBN has been looking at expanding into different regions of Africa.

“Now that phase one of TBN in Africa’s 10-year strategy is complete, phase two is the roll out of TBN Mzansi, a
channel we are really excited about,” says Mr Lucky Mbiko, Managing Director of TBN in Africa.

For more information about how to connect to the Kwesé TV service, go to
www.kwese.com or go to www.tbnmzansi.org  for TBN Mzansi channel and content information.

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