TBN’s Jan Crouch dies at 78

TBN co-founder, Jan Crouch, passed away on Tuesday, following a massive stroke. (Photo: CBN News)

Originally published in WBN and CBN News

Jan Crouch, who with her late husband Paul co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network, died on Tuesday May 31 2016 following a massive stroke, her family announced on the network’s website. (As reported on WBN)

“Those who battled for the Kingdom of God knew her as a fighter – someone who didn’t give up, someone who fought relentlessly to get the Gospel around the world,” the announcement, signed by Matt, Laurie, Cayland and Cody Crouch, said.

“To a select few she was not a television figure, but was sister, wife, Mom, or Grandma – an integral part of our family,” the announcement continued, “Jan Crouch loved many things, but most of all she loved Jesus, and now has seen Him face to face and has experienced his grace in fullness. She has taken a piece of our hearts with her, but it’s so wonderful to know that Paul and Jan Crouch are together again, in the arms of Jesus.”

Fox News reported she had suffered a stroke just days earlier.

Momma Jan
CBN News reported that Christian leaders and music artists around the world are now paying tribute to the woman known as “Momma Jan.”

“Jan Crouch, known around the world as Momma Jan, has gone home,” Matt Crouch continued. “Those who battled for the Kingdom of God knew her as a fighter-someone who didn’t give up, someone who fought relentlessly to get the Gospel around the world.”

Crouch and her husband, the late Paul Crouch, founded TBN in 1973. It is largest religious network in the world.

Jan Crouch produced programs for the network, including the flagship show, Praise the Lord.

“To thousands of orphans around the world, and those orphaned in spirit, she was Momma Jan, quick with a smile, a gift, and a word of encouragement,” Matt Crouch reflected.

Crouch was the daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Edgar W. Bethany. Her father was an Assembly of God pastor who also served as the founding president of Southeastern University in Florida.

Will always be remembered
Many Christian leaders are remembering Crouch for her love for the Lord and people, paying tribute to her across Social Media.

“A dear, dear friend of this ministry and of the nation has passed away,” CBN founder Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson said on Tuesday’s edition of The 700 Club.

“Jan Crouch will always be remembered for her love for Jesus and her love for souls,” Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel in Georgia and New York Times best-selling author, said on Instagram.

Hillsong’s Brian Houston, who’s church is launching the new Hillsong Channel on the network she helped found, said it only was possible because of her.

“Today Jan Crouch enters heaven as @HillsongChannel commences tomorrow. It’s only possible because of her legacy,” tweeted Brian Houston, senior pastor of the influential Hillsong Church that started in Australia but now as campuses around the world.

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