TESTIMONY: The power of worship in dark times — Sean Feucht

Evangelist Richard Roberts talks to worship leader Sean Feucht who has led outdoor “Let Us Worship” events in 54 cities in the United States in the past year as indoor church services were shut down under Covid-19 regulations. Read about it and listen to the podcast below in this — one of two testimonies published by Charisma Magazine about God birthing revival in a season of pain and strife. [See also From riots to revival]

In today’s world, we need the power of God more than ever. We need His presence to manifest in our midst so that we can see miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance—not only in our individual lives but in our nation.

Over the years as I’ve conducted healing services and evangelistic outreaches, I’ve seen amazing things happen during worship. People have been healed, set free and brought to repentance.

Worship also sets the atmosphere for us to hear from the Lord and get His wisdom for every area of life. And if ever there was a time to worship the Lord and gain His direction, it is now. If we are to overcome the fear and sickness that have been running rampant through our nation, worship is going to play an essential part in our deliverance.

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I recently spoke about the power of Spirit-filled worship in these times with Sean Feucht. Sean has conducted his Let Us Worship outdoor worship services in 54 cities across the United States in the past year. With the civil unrest and COVID-19 pandemic, people are hungry for the Lord like never before.

“When the pandemic happened, our churches were closed down,” Sean said. “Then, we were told not to sing in church. I thought, No! Worship is exactly what we should be doing right now!

And he’s right! God shows up when we worship Him. Where two or more of us are gathered in faith, He is in our midst. And that’s when miracles can happen! Sean shared a story where a family drove 11 hours to experience Jesus in worship. The wife had a chronic illness and was healed!

Great moves of God happen when we are bold with our worship, focusing our faith and love and attention on Him, rather than ourselves. “The acts of worship that really provoke the heart of God are the radical ones,” Sean said. We see that again and again throughout the Bible. Do you remember what Paul and Silas did when they were in prison and beaten for sharing the gospel? They cried out to the Lord in praise and worship—and the prison doors flew open! But they didn’t leave; they led their jailer to Jesus!

Acts of heartfelt, radical worship cause God to move in miraculous ways. And that’s what is happening all around the country in the services that Sean is leading. People are coming because they’re hungry for the touch of God. “I’ve never seen in America a greater desire for an encounter with God. They’re starving for connection to each other and to God,” Sean said.

I’ve seen this kind of hunger for the things of God overseas in my healing evangelistic outreaches. And it is exciting to see it happen in America. Now is the time to join together as the body of Christ and pray for the awakening and revival we desperately need.

Listen to Richard Roberts’ conversation with Sean Feucht in his Expect A Miracle podcast

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