The just shall live/vote by faith!

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I have the privilege of speaking to Christians from all walks of life about the current political situation in SA. Many are deeply concerned about the direction the nation has taken since 1994.

Although I empathise with these valid concerns, I am more worried about the growing lack of faith among Christians when they speak about the social and political challenges facing the nation.

Too many Christian citizens are responding in fear to the political situation in SA. We cannot ignore that these challenges are real and must be confronted – but we must never respond in fear.

The Scriptures are clear, “God has not given us a spirit of fear…” When the Body of Christ responds in fear to any situation – we have to acknowledge we have not activated the power of God.

The Scriptures are equally clear, “the just shall live by faith!” Consequently, faith is the only attitude that pleases God in any situation. Faith also applies to the way we vote at Election time.

During discussions with Christian citizens about South Africa’s 5th Democratic Elections on 7 May, I was surprised to learn that faith was conspicuously absent when talking about voting.

Many Christians – perhaps not realising it – have placed their faith in the arm of flesh. Christian voters talk about a “stronger opposition,” “bigger numbers in Parliament,” & “human wisdom and ability.” Although all these things are good – it cannot compare with the power of God.

God can do more with a small minority of men and women of faith, than large numbers of politicians who violate God’s Word because they depend on their own human intellect and abilities.

The Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel comes to mind, “Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit.”

What South Africa desperately needs today are men and women of faith – acting in faith! Christian citizens must believe God can do the impossible for our nation – and act like we believe it!

We don’t necessarily need a majority in Parliament. One man or woman completely sold out to God – is a majority! Because God is with them. We don’t need greater numbers in Parliament – we need men and women of integrity that are fully submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Consequently, a godly opposition is a stronger opposition. Don’t fall into the trap of voting your fears on 7 May. God does not respond to your fears – He responds when you act/vote in faith.

South Africa’s battle is firstly a spiritual battle. You and I must win this battle in the spirit first. Consequently, a political party that cannot discern spiritual matters – cannot help you.

Vote with the eyes of faith on 7 May. Faith discerns what is not visible to the human senses. Vote your Biblical values and convictions on Election Day and trust God with the outcome.


Errol Naidoo

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