Thoughts and feelings around the wondrous time of Christmas


I have many emotions and consider different facets as to how and why we celebrate Christmas. I thought I would share some of these with you, our treasured readers.

The value of the word of God
I’m deeply grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ. I have fond memories of having the bible story of the birth of Christ being read to us as young children at church services around midnight. Mum dressed us in our very best as we sat through the readings which were interjected with songs like, Come all ye Faithful, O Holy Night, Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Singing, The First Noel to name a few. Today I can only imagine how the choirs of angels broke out in spontaneous song, disturbing, not a few shepherds but the entire universe as Christ our Saviour was born in a humble stable. Not in His hometown but hidden from political eyes and the murderous Herod who would seek to destroy His powerful reign. I still remember these songs and my heart fills with so much more gratitude for Christ our Saviour.

I recall singing as a family and how it brought such a sense of togetherness and belonging. Deeply etched in my heart is the image of the tear rolling down my Dad’s face as he watched his children take presents up to the crib for the less fortunate. Later this same value was to be re-lived when my husband would watch our daughters carry presents too large for them to bear for the less fortunate. I value scripture, song, drama and art as ways of teaching the young the story of Christ’s birth. My heart longs for more artistic expression and interpretation of the scriptures. I believe there will be fresh waves of inspiration for the body of Christ to declare the magnificence of the word of God without shame. I honour those who take time to teach the younger generation the Truth of the word of God without compromise.

Family time
I love Christmas times when families gather together. But I’m so keenly aware of those who are single for whatever reason and won’t be around the well-decked tables. It’s a painful reminder for folk who are estranged from their family. Christmas can be a time of shrines to their loneliness. In contrast it’s a perfect time to reach out. One Christmas, parts of our family were celebrating in different countries across the globe and I felt the pangs of being alone. Our youngest daughter, Kate decided we should take to the streets and be led of the Spirit of the Lord to pray for people to be healed and tell them about the love of Christ. We saw a cripple leave his crutches and walk upright. A man wracked with back pain was healed. We had so much fun. Soon the loneliness of not having family with us faded and a newer meaning of Christmas evolved.

Felt picture of the Nativity by Tessa Zundel, Hobby Farms.

Those that have passed on
Christmas is a time for remembering those who have passed on. Their absence is sorely felt. It’s a time to phone friends and family and acknowledge this shift in relationships. One never gets over the passing of a loved one at Christmas. It’s the opportunity to remember the excellence of a loved one and learn from their lives. The songs you shared together, the food you ate, the special table décor and dinner service used only for Christmas and Easter. It’s a delightful time to share the life of a person who lived a life well.

I personally love to give. One of my best kinds of giving is encouragement and time. I love to listen long to a person’s story, ask lots of questions, and then ask Holy Spirit for His word on the situation. It gives me the greatest joy when I see their eyes glisten with delight as they link up with their heavenly Father and they have their connection with Him. Nothing pleases me more. Imagine how they feel but more than that, how Father feels.

Just the other day my daughters and I were out shopping, our feet were tired, we sat for a lunch. Nothing fancy. As I glanced to my right, an extremely well-dressed lady seated herself at a table next to us; her hands were laden with the finest of parcels. She had shopped at the very best shops. She wore the latest Louis Vuitton handbag. Hair perfect, nails neatly manicured, her fingers sparkling with large diamonds, what more could she want? I was having a running conversation with the Lord. I was just about to get up and chat to her, but I saw her pick up that dreaded self-protection item, the cell phone. We finished our meal. She was still trying to chat on the phone … without words. I walked away only to be drawn back to this exquisite creation. “Excuse me, my dear, did you know that God has made you so beautiful. You are truly beautiful.” Tears collected like diamonds in her eyes, “Thank you, I’m, so lonely, I’m so depressed. Thank you for caring.”

What’s in a name?
Parents put a lot of thought and effort into naming their children. Here in South Africa we have some of the most beautiful names. People often find the stress of not living up to their namesake burdensome. Asking a person the meaning of their name and if they live their name fully opens the door wide open for Holy Spirit to minister the love of Jesus and bring the Father’s very best to the person.

Mary and Joseph didn’t have to go through a name book — the Son of God’s name had been prophesied years before, revealed by the angel Gabriel and in a dream to both of them.

Jesus is called

christmas-jesusHis identity and purpose was fully established long before He was born. He was to die for our sins as the Saviour of the world.

Christmas is really about introducing people to their purpose in life, which is to know Christ and be connected to their heavenly Father.

The media
Today as parents and as Christians you have to make a very concerted effort to guard what you watch and listen to. I truly pray your homes be filled with good worship music this Christmas, that your children listen to the story of the great prophets as they foretold about a child that was to be born who would change the course of history. Make it fascinating and intriguing. May you make a point of enriching your family with watching the very best videos that depict the life of Christ. Don’t be ashamed of the Christmas story. Tell it to your children before the media makes a mockery of it. Be bold to use this time and enrich your family with wisdom.

Here’s a Youtube video with the most beautiful song about the Nativity:

Enjoy Evie Clair with Mary Did you Know. Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party is another one to listen to.

Share Christ with one another in a new way and may you find it in your hearts to reach out to the hurting, the lonely, the disappointed and may the healing anointing of Jesus surprise you as you do.

Be truly blessed this Christmas.

Love Marian

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