Two witch doctors welcome Jesus into lives

Two staunch witch doctors in Uganda have embarked on a fresh journey after accepting God’s saving grace and salvation through Christ Jesus during a church prayer service in Uganda.

Originally published in UG Christian News

As Christians gathered for Easter prayers at various locations across the world on Sunday, Mugabi Meddie a resident of Bugerere county in Kayunga district and Kakaire Ali from Kangulumila, who were deeply involved with witchcraft and fraud, made their way to Miracle Centre Cathedral in Rubaga, a suburb of Kampala, with four sacks full of occult and enchantment material.

“We have come to be prayed for, get saved, and be delivered from sorcery,” the duo said.

“This is what we have been using to bewitch people,” they continued, displaying occult material from the four sacks. “But most of the time, we were simply conning them.”

Mugabi Meddie and Kakaire Ali told the Church that they used manipulative tricks to solicit materials including goats and chicken form their clients.

“This is how we made a living,” they said.

In 2010, a report by US-based Pew Research Centre, titled ‘Tolerance and Tension: Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa’, claimed that about six million people in Uganda believe in witchcraft or the protective power of sacrifices to spirits or ancestors.

One of the witchdoctors, Kakaire Ali, said he belonged to the islamic faith, and that his father heads a top administrative post at one of the mosques in the country.

“They permitted me to carry on with witchcraft,” Ali said.

Miracle Centre Cathedral founding Pastor, Robert Kayanja led Ali and Meddie in a prayer of repentance, and they later confessed Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

“This is proof that Jesus is alive and Satan is defeated,” Pastor Kayanja said. “The power of darkness with not attack these people again. Jesus has delivered them. He has freed them.”

In his recent book ‘Re-addressing the Imbalance’, Pastor Kayanja explained how the bondage of witchcraft is one of the worst that could ever hold any man or even an entire nation down.

He highlighted witchcraft is an enemy of the gospel and a terrible hinderance to development and progress of any country that needs to be dealt away with.

He explained that it “is important that we are free, before we can effectively preach freedom.”

“Africa’s freedom from bondage requires an awakening and total transformation of the mind and the way we do things. There is a need for us to hear God every step of the way. We must be identified with God the way the Israelis were when God said, “Let MY people go.”” Pastor Kayanja wrote.

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