TWR reaches milestone of broadcasting in 300 languages

When TWR turned on the studio microphones in Morocco and first started broadcasting to Southern Europe, it did so in three languages – Spanish, French and English.

In the 67 years since, that complement has grown a hundredfold to include less well-known languages like Dhundari and Wagdi and even endangered ones like Kodava and Ranglong. Just this year, the number of languages and dialects in which TWR sends out Gospel programming – not only over the airwaves but also in various digital formats – topped 300.

The significance of this milestone lies not in what a grand achievement it is for TWR but instead in how many millions, even billions, of people will potentially be able to hear about the saving work of Jesus Christ. The task of the Great Commission is immense, and listeners are better able to process and more open to considering God’s Word when they encounter it in their heart languages, says TWR.

“Our goal is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world, so that includes everyone,” TWR President Lauren Libby said.

“This recent good news doesn’t end with the 300-language milestone for the ministry as a whole. Our online ministry TWR360 also just reached a milestone, adding its 100th language to a web portal that provides Christian audio, video and text on demand. Now, let us invite you to read more about these exciting developments on,” says TWR in its latest Global Update newsletter.

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