Video of the Week: Matthew West’s moving song for the unborn


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Originally published in Charisma News

When award-winning artist Matthew West was asked to pen a tune for the plight of the unborn, he didn’t take the request lightly.  

The result is “Untold,” a “positive, heartfelt call to action around the gift of life and the powerful purpose God has for each and every child, planned or unplanned.” 

On the website,, West explains how God guided him through the songwriting process.  

“God placed this song on my heart, and I pray it will serve to honor and inspire ministries, churches, organizations and individuals who courageously share hope and life-affirming options to all those in need, along with forgiveness and compassion for those who seek it,” West says.

“I offer this song to you as a gift and catalyst to invite our communities to come together in a meaningful way to inspire awareness, promote prayer and save lives.” 

Watch the video and try to hold in your tears.

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