WATCH: The new creative movement — Kate Fitz-Gibbon

A call for you to rise up into a new way of being and living with God.

Hello Everyone,

This month on my column I am going to discuss the new creative movement that God is releasing around the globe, because it’s big news.

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If you are a creative person, entrepreneur, innovator, forerunner, or really interested in what God is about to do globally then you’ll want to watch this video where I explain what’s up God’s sleeve creatively. He is about to transform the way we think about creative industries, and also the way we interact with Him. It’s time for us to enter the experiential era and enjoy finding new expressions of bringing Him glory, and bringing in the great harvest of souls.

You can watch the video below, and please subscribe to my new Youtube Channel for more interesting videos around kingdom creativity and living the abundant life in a fresh new way.


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