Well chosen selection of Tim Hughes favourites

Music Review by Shelley Wasserman


1. At Your Name
2. Happy Day
3. Here I Am To Worship
4. Everything
5. Jesus Saves
6. May The Words of My Mouth
7. Beautiful One
8. The Highest & Greatest
9. Counting on Your Name
10. Maker of All Things
11. God of Justice
12. Whole World in His Hands
13. Holding Nothing Back
14. Jesus You Alone
15. Consuming Fire
16. When The Tears Fall (bonus track)

With songs such as “Happy Day”, “Here I Am To Worship” and “Beautiful One” that are heard in congregations all over the world, Tim Hughes needs no introduction.  If you happen to have never heard of this Dove Award winning artist, then take a look at the track listing as I guarantee you will recognize many of his songs.  This 16 track album includes songs from his Soul Survivor days as well as his time at Holy Trinity Brompton in London.  His best known songs from his 4 studio albums and one live album have been well chosen.  His lyrics are always Christ-centred and showcases the incredible gift God has given him.  I don’t own any of his other CD’s, so for me, this CD is a great summary of his best songs and I really like it! I know I will enjoy many worship times with it.  

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