When the righteous are in authority…

Defending family, faith and freedom
South Africa’s General Elections are just eight months away. Hundreds of men and women will be elected to the National Legislature and to several Provincial Legislatures across the country.

The government elected by the people of SA will possess vast powers to make critical decisions that will affect and influence the lives of every single citizen for generations to come.

That is why you and I must take the election of our public representatives very seriously. The laws passed in our provincial and national legislatures will determine the quality of our lives.

What Parliament legalises eventually becomes acceptable in society. Since abortion-on-demand was legalised in 1996 – despite stiff opposition – resistance to abortion has waned considerably.

In 2006, the Civil Union Bill was railroaded through Parliament, despite overwhelming public opposition. As a result of this landmark legislation, homosexual activists have been pushing for additional legislation that will criminalise and punish anybody for disagreeing with homosexuality.

I have no doubt that following the General Elections in 2014, a raft of anti-family legislation will be introduced in Parliament. These laws will seriously undermine faith, family and religious freedoms.

Leading the charge is “hate crimes” legislation. This law will effectively criminalise the preaching of God’s Word on sexual sin and will lead to the severe limitation of religious freedoms.

The Gender Commission supports decriminalised prostitution despite repeated reports about the horrendous abuse and exploitation of women and children in the sex industry. Decriminalised prostitution will further enslave women and children and must be vehemently opposed.

The proposed law criminalising parents for disciplining their own children is a classic example of government overstepping their legitimate boundaries. This legislation is being pushed by a tiny ideological group in SA and influenced by UN Conventions that view any child discipline as torture.

Already, Joshua Generation Church is being “investigated” by the Human Rights Commission for merely teaching the Biblical principle of “spare the rod, spoil the child.” The Christian Church in SA must join hands with them to oppose this attack on religious freedoms.

The attacks on the family and Christian beliefs and constitutional freedoms will only intensify if the Christian Church does not formulate a strong, sustainable and united response.

One of the ways the Body of Christ can initiate change is by engaging the political realm. Bible believing Christians must infiltrate the various political parties in SA to influence their policy making process from within. Surrendering the political realm to the enemy means certain defeat.

The Biblical stories of Joseph and Esther illustrate the need for Christians to occupy places of authority in society. Both Joseph and Esther rescued their nations as a result of their political position.

When Christians deliberately abandon politics the void is filled by people with evil agendas. For example, the governor of California signed a law recently that abolishes distinct genders.

The Scriptures declare, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. ”Proverbs 29:2. Will the righteous in SA please make a stand!

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