Which action area for changing SA are you most passionate about? — Arno van Niekerk

In the call to action below economist, Christian marketplace leader and founder of the Christian Consensus in SA movement Dr Arno van Niekerk urges South African Christians to participate in a survey. The movement was birthed early last year with a survey about what they wanted for SA.

Send your YES to one of the numbers below

Brothers & sisters in Christ

We’re now shifting gears as the Christian Consensus. There is no way that we can allow the moral collapse and systemic failures in our nation to continue. God’s Word can turn our country around.

IT’S TIME for the stone that the builders rejected to become our cornerstone. South Africa needs saving, so the Saviour — Jesus Christ — needs to be the basis on which we rebuild SA.

We are moving into ACTION! I want to ask you to now select the area below that you are most passionate about and send a YES to the number next to it:

  • Zero tolerance for crime: 082 858 2740
  • Accountable leaders elected by the people (government sphere): 081 709 9834
  • Biblical family values: 071 326 8034
  • Stand against abortion: 072 483 9569
  • Inclusive & productive economy: 084 208 6211
  • High-quality education to all: 082 855 6510
  • Religious freedom: 064 880 2451

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Victory in Christ!
Dr Arno van Niekerk
PS: Share this message widely!!

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