You can’t fight crime with criminals in your ranks!

Defending family, faith and freedom

Barely a week goes by in SA without the media reporting another incident of police corruption. The latest story involves a Western Cape police captain who allegedly raped a prostitute in his private vehicle.

Pro-prostitution groups usually use incidences of police criminality and corruption to lobby for decriminalised prostitution. However, decriminalising prostitution to combat police corruption is like legalising organised-crime to reduce the chance of police accepting bribes.

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The sex industry is completely controlled by organised crime syndicates. These include so-called “legitimate” enterprises like strip clubs, escort agencies and massage parlours.

In a recent statement, government expressed “dismay” at the increase in child-prostitution in SA. Research indicates that child prostitution flourishes wherever adult prostitution is tolerated.

Parents prostituting children
Apparently, parents are prostituting their children as a source of income for the family. This is human trafficking in its most tragic form. Poverty is driving people to take desperate measures.

What is more tragic is the billions of rand’s squandered needlessly by government. The last report to Parliament indicated that R26 billion was wasted on fruitless expenditure by government.

Police corruption is rampant in SA. The lack of skilled management lies at the core of SAPS challenges. Government has promised much with regard to the fight against crime. But this battle is undermined when the crime fighting authority is riddled with incompetence and corruption.

The high rates of police corruption must also be demoralising to the many good police-officers who do their best to fulfil their duties under difficult circumstances. You and I must pray for them.

If prostitution is decriminalised in SA, the sex industry will explode. Crime syndicates will hugely benefit from a legitimate sex industry and police corruption will escalate.

The battle against human trafficking – especially for sexual purposes – will be dealt a fatal blow. The provisions of the Anti-Trafficking Act will be made obsolete when crime syndicates are legitimised.

The battle against organised crime cannot be fought with a corrupt and incompetent police force. The SA public must make their outrage known. Change will not happen on its own.

(On August 31 I will speak at an Anti-Trafficking Conference at Fountain Vineyard Church in PE).

Another assault on the family is being planned in Pretoria. Apparently, greedy casino operators are planning to build a casino in the central business district of Menlyn – close to schools and churches.

Legalised gambling wreckage
Legalised gambling has wrecked many marriages and destroyed countless families. Until now, casinos were located well away from shopping malls to discourage impulse gambling.

But it appears greed has got the better of gambling bosses. Not satisfied with the billions fleeced from a desperate public, casinos want to get closer to public areas to increase profits.

Legalised gambling is government sanctioned exploitation of the poor and vulnerable. Tax revenue generated by the gambling industry pales in comparison to the devastation caused to family life.

If you live in the Pretoria area you must oppose this assault on the family. Please download and complete this objection letter and send to the relevant authorities by August 16, 2013.

“All that is necessary for evil to prosper is that good people do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

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