‘Defining moment’ of hope as 5000 South Africans unite in ‘Let Us Worship’ event

Hope and freedom was an overwhelming emphasis of the Let Us Worship event led by US worship missionary Sean Feucht in Roodepoort, Johannesburg last Saturday

Report by John Crumpton leader of Breakthru Life Church, Johannesburg and host of Saturday’s Let Us Worship event

This past Saturday over 5 000 South Africans joined in the Let Us Worship event with international worship leader, activist and missionary, Sean Feucht. It was a glorious coming together of cultures, denominations and backgrounds in unity to worship and pray over our nation.

A number of spiritual leaders from different churches and regions opened the meeting with prayer – declaring God’s truth over our nation and reminding us of prophecies of revival in South Africa. In a variety of South Africa’s 11 official languages, the name of Jesus was lifted high, and the event dedicated to the sovereignty of God.

From the first chord it was evident that this was going to be a defining moment in the Spirit. For too long the airwaves have been filled with discouraging reports resulting in hopelessness and despair. But the thunderous roaring sound of praise and thanksgiving intercepted those frequencies, and infused a fiery hope into all those attending. Beginning with the song ‘Let Everything’ – which solidifies the call of all things living and breathing to praise the Lord – the crowd jumped in with a hunger for the presence of God, and for breakthroughs that only He can bring.

Florida SAPS station commander Colonel Lefa Tsotetsi addresses the crowd of worshipers

Amid a country facing corruption, crime, economic and infrastructural challenges, Florida SAPS station Commander Colonel Lefa Tsotetsi stepped on stage to express his overwhelming gratitude for the unity he was witnessing. He said, ‘In my 31 years of service, never did I dream that I would see anything like this! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!’. In representing the South African Police force, the colonel stood proxy in prayer as 5 000 people stretched out their hands and prayed for the wisdom, righteousness and presence of God to strengthen the law enforcement of South Africa.

A continual emphasis of the day was the hope and freedom being infused. Hope for our nation and our people. Hope for a way through any storm and challenge. Freedom from fear and the enemy’s attempt to dishearten God’s people. Freedom from discouragement and depression. Freedom from the submission to a worldly system of oppression.

As Sean made an altar call for those who wanted to surrender their lives to the living King and those who wanted to rededicate their lives to Jesus, there was a grace in the atmosphere for people to be set free from addiction. Reiterating that this event was a “shame free zone”, Sean encouraged people to step into freedom by boldly and openly shaming the enemy’s plan to keep them bound. People rushed to the front to receive prayer and ministry, and to lay down the objects of their addictions. Cigarettes, vapes, pills, drug needles, cell phones (representing porn addictions) were laid at the feet of Jesus as people encountered His freedom and love.

Sean Feucht and team lead the gathering

Throughout the event Sean Feucht’s international mission organisation, Light A Candle, were ministering to people. One lady got out of her wheelchair and took her first unassisted steps since birth. She mentioned that she was trusting God to be able to take her first unassisted steps during the Let Us Worship event.

We witnessed a reawakening and igniting of the beautiful Body of Christ this weekend. Ignited to pray for one another, lay hands on those who need healing, encouragement and deliverance. Extending compassion to the broken and hurting, and step onto the front foot, refusing to bow to the enemy’s plans as we continue to lift up the name of Jesus in every season!

Sean said after Let Us Worship concluded: “God has used this event in Joyburg to change the spiritual outlook in South Africa and this will provoke other nations into taking action. The testimonies are already pouring in — it’s outrageous what God is doing. I mean, did you see the people running to the altar to get saved? It’s crazy, man!”

Hallelujah for a renewed zeal for the Lord among God’s people.

Praise and thanksgiving filled the air


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  1. What an encouraging event! And practically relevant too with the Police there to be prayed over! Gratitude to Sean and the organisers – such events don’t just happen without much background work in faith!

  2. Admiration and gratitude to all who worked hard for this. All praise to God Who is doing marvellous new things in these last days!

  3. Desiree Mansfield

    Wonderful and praise the Lord. However, must add that I never heard about the event at all where it was held, as no advertising or anything widely published anywhere as I would have gone!! No publicity whatsoever about it. Even this article only says “Roodepoort” and I am close by!!