LISTEN: Keep focus on draconian draft health regulations, not Zuma’s interim measures, says FOR SA

Michael Swain executive director of FOR SA

With South African social media abuzz with conflicting messages about what action to take as the state of disaster comes to an end only to be replaced by likely worse health regulations if government gets its way, Michael Swain executive director of Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) has just released an urgent update.

In his update, which you can listen to below, he explains a confusing announcement by Cogta minister NkosaZana Zuma last night. He urges South Africans not to focus on Zuma’s announcement which deals with temporary regulations which will be in force for 30 days after the state of disaster is ended, which is expected to happen on April 5.

He therefore urges South Africans to “keep our focus, and our comments, and our submissions on the main thing — the draft health regulations”, which he says will “dictate our way of life going forward and indefinitely”.

He says it is “vitally important” that every individual and every religious organisation sends submissions on the draft health regulations before submissions close on April 15.

“We need as many voices as possible to speak out and oppose what in FOR SA’s views are draconian, unconstitutional measures,” he says.

FOR SA recommends that submissions be made via the Dear South Africa web platform at

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Many people will have received social media messages urging them to make submissions via the SA Public Speaks website at Proposed Amendment to the National Health Act – SA Public Speaks which was developed by Family Policy Institute in a bid to respond speedily to the threat posed by the draft regulations.

Gateway News can confirm that you can use either platform to get your submission in. The authors of both submission campaigns are in touch with each other and share the common goal of getting as many South Africans as possible to speak up. The greater the public response the better the chance of blocking the regulations in their current form.

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  1. It is grossly unfair for South Africans to be stripped of our most private rights. We have been guided by our Constitution, in which we are given the freedom to bodily integrity. Our bodies are our most personal creation, one EACH person has a responsibility to protect, therefore make choices as to what we allow to enter our bodies, and conduct ourselves. It also is MY choice how I allow to be medically treated by a professional.
    I should be given the opportunity to submit to our Constitution.

  2. I don’t accept this new bill