‘Prayer event showed that many Cape Town Christians stand with Israel’

Recent prayer rally for Israel in Cape Town

Just over 500 people participated in a “SA Stands With Israel” prayer rally at the AGS Church in Goodwood Cape Town last Sunday, said Vivienne Myburgh national director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) South Africa, one of the organisers of the event.

Sunday’s rally was arranged after an earlier Cape Town prayer event for Israel. on November 12, had to be cancelled after militant Palestinian supporters invaded the Sea Point venue.

“We had to do this [reconvene the prayer event] to say that in Cape Town there are many, many Christians that stand with Israel,” she said.

“We had an amazing event in the end,” she said.

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Some members of the Jewish community joined the Christian congregation in the time of prayer and proclamation for Israel and South Africa. Rabbi Devon Mogg from Pretoria, the deputy ambassador of Israel, Adi Cohen Hazanov and Rowan Polovin national chairman of the South African Zionist Federation spoke at the event.

Other speakers included Vivienne Myburgh, Chris Eden national director of Bridges For Peace and Ferlon Christians leader of the ACDP in the Western Cape. Singer and pastor Heinz Winckler led worship at the event.

Sunday’s event followed a “Stand With Israel” prayer event in Johannesburg. Further events are planned around SA.

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One Comment

  1. When Jesus Christ started His ministry in Israel, it was at the height of the tyranny, corruption, misrule and subjugation of the Israeli nation by the Roman empire.

    It was therefore not surprising that many within Israel expected the key focus of Jesus’ ministry to be the physical deliverance of the Israeli people from the clutches of the Roman empire.

    Many expected the gospel of Jesus Christ to double down on the hatred for the empire, mobilization and getting the Israeli nation ready to confront the Roman empire.

    Alas, what a shock and disappointment it was to many when Jesus’ message was about LOVE for your enemy, praying for your enemy, forgiveness and giving to Caesar what belonged to Caesar.

    Jesus Christ knew then that He could not defeat darkness of the Roman empire with more darkness, the barbarism of the empire with more barbarism and the hatred and tyranny of the empire with more hatred and tyranny.

    A more superior ideology to the barbarism of the Roman empire was required in order to defeat it.

    As it was then, so it is now. If all that Christians ever do is to sharpen the ” Us and Them” divide Christians will fall into a trap of self righteousness, bitterness and hatred. And if our enemy can get us to think, talk and act like them then the enemy has prevailed over us. We have become their disciples.

    Thank God that, whilst Jesus Christ knew very well that He was of God, belonged to the chosen nation of Israel and that He was for Israel through and through , He didnt fall into the religious trap of “an eye for an eye”.

    Instead, Jesus ‘superior kind of Love reached out to the Samaritan, the Centurion, foreign leper whom He healed and the Cananite woman and eventually to me, an African on the tip of the African continent.

    Praise be to God because had Jesus Christ been sucked into the religiosity of the time, no one would call themselves a Christian today.

    Jesus didnt allow the persecution, the hatred and barbarism of the Roman empire to drown the message of LOVE and forgiveness that the Farther sent Him to come and propagate upon the earth.

    Today, Christians are faced with the same challenge, are we going to preach self righteousness or the superior message of LOVE when confronted with what we perceive to be the “barbarism ” and ” hatred of the enemy “?
    Are we going to compete with the curses and insults and even the numerical strength of those who are on the other side of the divide?

    TB Joshua used to say ” you and God are a majority “. God didnt require more than His only begotten and obedient Son to defeat Satan and save the world.

    After we have declared our allegiance, Christians must reach for the true weapons of warfare such as LOVE, prayer and the message of peace in order to defeat darkness.