Songs of love guide special operation team — Marian Fitz-Gibbon


Fresh from an extended trip through South Africa with a team led by US love-and-power street evangelist and pastor Brian Blount (Kingdom Encounters) Marian Fitz-Gibbon visited  churches in several Gauteng  communities experiencing violent protests. She says the whole time has been like a military special operation on the frontlines — and God spoke and guided them through with music of love and hope.

Where do we begin to tell the story of how great a love can be?

The past weeks have felt like an intense love story with the lover of our souls leading us over the mountains and down to the sea. We have heard His voice so clearly saying “Come follow me”. Down in the valleys in the highest of heights our lover has woken us with dreams urging us not to take fright.

Task team arrives
Whilst 1.7 million foot soldiers and generals in Bloemfontein thundered and roared JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF SOUTH AFRICA, like soldiers of the night, quick nimble and light, they came flying into SA not for gain nor fame or delight. “Okies” they call them, and there was one from the South, they swept through the land with diverse teams depositing His wealth. Deposits of gold and mines they laid for others to work in fields they have not made. So what is this treasure in the middle of a field? Blind see, lame walk, deaf hear, the dead are raised and it’s as easy as one two three. Just follow Jesus. Do what He did.

(Watch out for a video interview with our task team leader Brian Blount in next month’s column!).

Bells ringing
I heard the sound of bells ringing from above. My heart skipped a beat, was it for me, my love? No, it’s the sound of church bells resounding and ringing far and wide. Then I heard another two, the gunfire and policemen. “No, this won’t do Lord!” I cried. The bells rang out again. It’s the sound of revival ringing throughout the land.

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Sounds of angelic choirs
My head was lifted heavenward and resounding choirs sang. Hallelujah for the Lord Almighty Reigns!

National anthem – “Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika”
I can’t remember when, but we were in Thokoza singing our national anthem. Again I heard the bells ringing — our faces wet with tears. We held each other’s hands. A woman cried out like a bell, the cadence grew and you could tell, no clanging gong but celebration and heartfelt jubilation. As hands became bells and feet became drums we danced on our African soil praising the King of all Kings, Jesus Christ.

You can have it all Lord
4am and dreams awoke — more detailed and specific than I could make!! “What is it Lord you are about to shake?”

God is love
The stench of burning tyres filled the skies but the love of Jesus was the focus of our eyes. The Lord healed children, touched them with His love and strength. We danced and sang ’till laughter was the children’s bell that He gently rang. “All’s well, all’s well.” All is well.

“All is well son, all is well.”

Amy’s Song
As I lay upon my pillow wet from tears within, I could not help but ask the Father: “Where did this dream come from? Was it just from my head?” Morning came, Papa led me to a song. It was Amy’s Song, so who was she? As I listened, my spirit rose up like a fountain in the desert. The dream was a word of knowledge about the circumstances of someone’s child’s death which led to another prophetic word being released in team about destiny raising hope and faith in a place where the sounds and smells of destruction were beating next door. Then like a rushing wind at the day of Pentecost the Spirit of God moved through the people, declaring freedom and victory and breaking off oppression and empowering them to stand against witchcraft. Streams of living water broke forth in the dry and dusty land and the stronghold of hopelessness and fear was broken and the bells of heaven rang. “He is Alive, He is Alive. Jesus is Alive!”

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Music that spoke volumes to guide us through in what was a special operation:
Where Do I Begin – Love Story — Opening lines
Have it All – Bethel Music & Brian Johnson
God is Love — Jonathan David Helser (The Awakening)
Amy’s Song – Jonathan David & Melissa Helser (Long Story Short)

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