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The Jesus Bible: Book Review

The Jesus Bible is anticipated to create an edge that would draw teens to the Word

The Jesus Bible is anticipated to create an edge that would draw teens to the Word

Book Review  by Janey DeMeo MA — Originally published in Examiner


 The Jesus Bible is just the thing to boost the faith of young teens and to encourage them to read God’s Word. The Jesus Bible not only looks cool with its colorful graphics—it is cool. One cool feature is that it highlights where Jesus pops up in every book of the Bible. Whether New Testament or Old, Jesus can be found in every book of the Bible; every part of the Bible points to Him. And when you discover that—especially when you’re a young person beginning your faith journey—it is exhilarating.

And there are many other nifty features that set The Jesus Bible apart and make it a winner, such as the following:

  • Each book provides a “Hints of the Savior” section, pointing to where Jesus can be seen in that particular book of the Bible.
  • 365 devotions also highlight the “sightings” of Jesus in the Old Testament and his life and teachings in the New Testament.
  • Applications throughout to help make Jesus’ teachings relevant to contemporary life.
  •  Hundreds of clues emphasize promises and prophesies made about Jesus in the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New Testament.
  • An Old Testament index of prophecies that are fulfilled in Christ.
  • Tips on how to “Live Like Jesus.”
  • Convenient list of Jesus’ miracles and parables.
  • List of appearances (and witnesses) of the risen Jesus.
  • Timeline of Jesus’ life.
  • Lineage of Jesus.
  • Topical concordance.
  • The complete NIV Bible.




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  1. Darryl Le Roux says:

    “The Jesus Bible not only looks cool with its colorful graphics—it is cool.”

    Is the Holy Bible not good enough for the church anymore, that we have to dumb down the Word of God in order to fit with the teenagers mindset of what ‘cool’ is? Gods Word is all we need. We do not need these marketing ploys to win people to Christ. How does this separate the Church from the world? It doesn’t. More and more we are starting to let the world influence us in our Churches, music, movies, books, and the like. It’s time to draw that line, and truly be apart from the world. We are to be examples, not just another.