12 hours Burn in PE: united in Christ!

PE worshipers are invited to join the citywide Burn event at the Storehouse, New Covenant Church, Lorraine, PE any time from 7pm on Friday, May 10 to 7am on Saturday May 11.

[notice]PETE GOOCH coordinator of the Burn 24/7 prayer and worship movement in PE loves the unity that is expressed as believers from different churches gather to worship the King. He explains.[/notice]

Why did Jesus pray for unity in John 17?

Because He knew there would be division among us as believers ?

Many if not most of us find ourselves brought up in different churches due to decisions our forefathers made. Like apartheid many of these decisions were made out of pride and arrogance by people or leaders with no true surrender to an Almighty God. Jesus is the ultimate truth! Not our minor opinions that separate us.

I understand there are geographical reasons for having churches. but as the scars of apartheid heal and our kids play in the streets with no concept of  that a colour means we are inferior, how much more so should our dividing beliefs fall like the wall of Jericho?

One of the main reasons I love BURN is this fact.

1) It represents a bride Christ is coming for, one that is unified and ” denomination” blind and Kingdom minded.

2) It readies us for Heaven Ephesians 5

3) We become like the One we worship .

4) Heaven invades earth.

5) Darkness has to flee in lives , minds , areas and atmospheres.

6) He is SOO Worthy of a sacrifice of Worship.

7) it’s biblical ! Amos 9:11, John 17,

8) One big reason I love Burn – it’s not about one person, It’s about ONE (BIG) GOD !

Visit the PE Burn 24-7 facebook page.


  1. AMEN Pete!! You speak for all of us!! ‘Come,now is the time to worship’ See you there 2night!!

  2. Wish we could be there to join in–a tad far from N.Africa!! but will be praying/praising with you as long as Papa keeps us going.
    Malachi Ch. 3 v 1-4

  3. I have had the honour of getting to know this man and his family. I love the desire and passion to get our city unified and allow God to do the rest. God Bless you and thanks Gateway news for this platform